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 TracerPlus Wireless Server

  Share Mobile Data in Real Time

  • Overview
  • Features

Mobile Data Shared via WLAN or WAN

Real time mobile applications are no longer only a privilege for those with big budgets! TracerPlus Wireless Server enables companies of any size to to share and manage your company's data in real time over WWAN, WIFI and Cellular networks.

TracerPlus Wireless Server extends the functionality of TracerPlus by serving as a gateway between mobile workers using the TracerPlus Client, and a wide variety of ODBC compliant applications including Access, Oracle and SQL Server.

As with all PTS software, TracerPlus Wireless Server is known for its ease of use and can be configured without any programming knowledge. Create your TracerPlus applications for your PDAs and connect your database to TracerPlus Wireless Server. In minutes, your entire organization is connected to a constantly updated database.

TracerPlus Wireless Server will automatically configure the wireless connection between TracerPlus enabled terminals and your host data source. Mapping data is simple; just choose your host database and match your TracerPlus fields to your host data source fields.

TracerPlus Wireless Server - Windows Mobile/CE, Real Time Wireless Mobile Data Exchange Software, User Configurable, Enterprise Class


Compatibility: TracerPlus Wireless Server is compatible with TracerPlus for Windows Mobile/CE 4.x and greater (version numbers must match) and requires a host PC running Windows XP or greater.

Highlights and Features
  • Move in and out of Dead Spots with Store and Forward Technology.
  • Compatible with all WLAN WWAN / Cellular Networks.
  • Intuitive Setup Wizard speeds configuration.
  • Powerful ODBC based field mapping. View Screen Shot
  • Data Viewer allows monitoring and editing of enterprise data. View Screen Shot
  • Data filtering tool streamlines workflow.
  • Client and Server Monitor screens ease mobile administration. View Screen Shot
  • Sample Access database included.
Why Use TracerPlus Wireless Server
  • Share real time data with mobile workforce and central office.
  • Affordable method to add mobility to current desktop applications.
  • Decreased PDA memory needs.
  • Eliminates time consuming daily data transfer process.
  • Enables timely and informed decisions based on accurate data.
  • Eases Daily Mobile Workforce Management.
How to create a Wireless / Real Time TracerPlus Application:
  1. Choose the Data system you wish to mobilize.
  2. Create and configure wireless settings of your TracerPlus Mobile Application using TracerPlus Desktop.
  3. Map the entry fields of your TracerPlus application via TracerPlus Wireless Server to the corresponding fields in your database.
  4. Deploy your TracerPlus Sessions to your mobile workforce.

TracerPlus Wireless Server - Windows Mobile/CE, Real Time Wireless Mobile Data Exchange Software, User Configurable, Enterprise Class


Compatibility: TracerPlus Wireless Server is compatible with TracerPlus for Windows Mobile/CE 4.x and greater, and requires a host PC running Windows XP or greater.

TracerPlus Wireless Server


Note: The TracerPlus Standard Mobile Client requires an additional Wireless Plug-in for Wireless Communication. If you own TracerPlus Standard and are planning on using TracerPlus Wireless Server, confirm that you also have the proper license including a copy of Wireless Plug-in for each Mobile Client.

You may also wish to consider purchasing or upgrading to TracerPlus Professional which includes the Wireless Plug-in as one of it's additional features.

 Compare the Features of TracerPlus Standard and TracerPlus Professional

TracerPlus Standard with Wireless Plug-in


Add the Wireless Plug-in to an existing license


TracerPlus Professional


The easiest Way to Build and Configure your Mobile Forms

Design and configure wireless settings for your barcode enabled mobile data collection forms right on your PC.

  • Free Design tool seamlessly integrates with TracerPlus.
  • Configure your wireless settings once and deploy to multiple mobile devices easily.
  • Wizard Driven Import and Export feature.
  • Online Solution Center provides free pre-configured applications ready to load into Desktop and Deploy to your devices.
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 TracerPlus ODBC Link

TracerPlus ODBC Link Do you need an easy to use and highly automated way to transfer you data between your TracerPlus enabled mobile devices and your ODBC compliant databases, but do not need the benefit of real-time updating provided by TracerPlus Wireless Server? TracerPlus ODBC Link enables TracerPlus users to sync their data with the most popular databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle via the batch transfer method completed by cradling the device, typically at the end of each workday.

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 Windows Mobile/CE Barcode Enabled Kits

Windows Mobile/CE Barcode Kits Barcode Kits featuring PTS's TracerPlus software and Symbol's Windows Mobile and CE based barcode terminals. These powerful kits offer a complete solution for most data collection needs. Featuring customizable, barcode enabled software and aggressive laser barcode scanning technology.

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 Bar Code Kits with Pre-configured Mobile Apps

PTS solution experts have created a series of TracerPlus applications designed specifically for use with a particular device; taking advantage of that handheld’s strengths and providing you with a ready-made solution to your data management problems.

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