TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel
Streamline data syncing between TracerPlus and Microsoft Excel

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Sync your Mobile Field Data with your Excel Spreadsheets

You can finally remove the need for tedious and error-prone re-entry of data that was required to keep your inventory, inspections, asset tracking or other data management processes current.

Designed specifically for businesses that rely on Excel to control and track critical company data, TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel provides fast and easy syncing between your TracerPlus enabled Mobile Devices and your Excel workbooks.

With TracerPlus Connect, you can use your existing Excel records to quickly update your mobile workforce, and just as easily return the latest information back to Excel from your devices at the end of the day.

Because TracerPlus Connect is installed as a toolbar directly into Microsoft Excel, it is even easier to access and configure. The sync process is even simpler, disposing of the time-consuming and cumbersome import processes and replacing them with a quick cradle, click and sync.

TracerPlus Connect for MS Excel - Fast and Easy Data Exchange Bewteen your Mobile Devices and Excel


Highlights and Features
  • Excel Toolbar for Easy Data Management. No Additional Application Needed.
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  • Simple to Use Configuration Wizard Guides Field Mapping. View Screen Shot
  • Advanced Configuration Options for Enterprise Users. View Screen Shot
  • Multi-directional Syncing.
  • User Defined Start Rows.
  • Configure Multiple Processes and Sync Between Specific Worksheets and Mobile Forms.
Why Use TracerPlus Connect
  • Easily share data between central excel databases and mobile workforce.
  • Affordability offers an opportunity for small company’s to add mobility to critical business operations.
  • Save time and reduce errors by removing time consuming manual data import.
  • Sync data with just a few clicks with the exceptionally friendly user interface.
System Requirements:
  • Minimum of one Windows Mobile/CE Device running TracerPlus 5 or higher.
         (Version numbers of TracerPlus Connect and TracerPlus must match.)
  • Host PC running Windows XP or higher.
  • Microsoft Excel 2002 or higher.
  • TracerPlus Connect for MS Excel - Windows Mobile/CE, Fast and Easy Data Exchange Bewteen your Mobile Devices and Excel


       TracerPlus Connect
        for Microsoft Excel


    Note: PTS now offers 3 integration alternatives. TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel is designed to work specifically and only with Microsoft Excel in batch environments. For batch transfer for ODBC databases, try TracerPlus ODBC Link and for real time data connectivity with ODBC compliant databases, try TracerPlus Wireless Server.

    Note: TracerPlus Connect requires TracerPlus version 7 to be installed on at least one Windows Mobile/CE Device.

     Compare the Features of TracerPlus Standard and TracerPlus Professional

    TracerPlus Standard


    TracerPlus Professional


    The easiest way to build and configure your mobile forms

    Create, share and quickly deploy enterprise class, barcode enabled mobile data collection forms right on your PC.

    • Free Design tool seamlessly integrates with TracerPlus.
    • Configure your wireless settings once and deploy to multiple mobile devices easily.
    • Wizard Driven Import and Export feature.
    • Online Solution Center provides free pre-configured applications ready to load into Desktop and Deploy to your devices.
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     Upgrade to the Newest Version of TracerPlus

    Upgrade TracerPlus Still using an older version of TracerPlus? In addition to compatibility with TracerPlus Connect, TracerPlus version 7 includes a host of new features, improved speed, and increased compatibility. Increase efficiency, minimize errors, reduce employee workload and simplify your data collection processes.

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     Windows Mobile/CE Barcode Enabled Kits

    Windows Mobile/CE Barcode Kits Barcode Kits featuring PTS's TracerPlus software and Symbol's Windows Mobile and CE based barcode terminals. These powerful kits offer a complete solution for most data collection needs. Featuring customizable, barcode enabled software and aggressive laser barcode scanning technology.

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     Bar Code Kits with Pre-configured Mobile Apps

    PTS solution experts have created a series of TracerPlus applications designed specifically for use with a particular device; taking advantage of that handheld’s strengths and providing you with a ready-made solution to your data management problems.

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