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 PTS Software Registration Instructions

Registering your Software

PTS software applications require registration for full functionality. Trial versions allow users to utilize all the software features but restrict the amount of data synced to the host PC. Once a license is purchased and the software is registered, the trial limitations are lifted.

Licensing Notes:

The TracerPlus mobile client and associated Plug-in modules are licensed per PDA.
TracerPlusODBC Link, TracerPlus Wireless Server and TracerPlus Connect are licensed per PC or Host.

Before you register:

Insure that you have the latest version of our software installed. Current versions of PTS software are available for download on the Download Web Page.

After purchasing a license of TracerPlus Software, you will receive an email including a Redemption Link, which is required to register your software. When purchasing multiple licenses, you will receive a set of Redemption Links, each linked to a software license.

Registration Instructions:

After you recieve your email with your Redemption Link(s), clicking one of these links will bring you to a web page with detailed instructions on regsitering your software. Alternatively, you can reach this page by choosing the software you are registering from the drop down menu below, and clicking Go. However, by choosing this method, you will need to enter your Repemption Link manually.


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