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Get TracerPlus barcode software for your Android smart phones, devices and tablets.

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Mobile Barcode and RFID Software for Data Collection

Enterprise Services - Bar Code System Pricing

Mobile Barcode and RFID Data Collection software

Volume Pricing + Branding and OEM =

PTS offers volume pricing on Mobile Software, Barcode Terminals, Mobile RFID Systems, Fixed RFID Systems, Barcode Systems and Software Support Agreements.

For Enterprise Deployments ( 100 plus users ) and Vertical Solution Resellers PTS also offers OEM options with private label branding and customized licensing.

With every inquiry PTS will analyze your organizations needs and develop a proposal that optimizes your budget, project lead time and internal resources.

Call PTS at 1-877-640-4152 for more information. Outside of the U.S. Call 631-727-8084, or e-mail us at

TracerPlus Training Services

Software Training Services

PTS offers both on site and virtual training sessions designed to speed the learning curve while at the same time assist with the setup process.

Our virtual training classes take place via phone and are augmented with web based meetings; giving you both step-by step instruction and the ability to watch and then replicate any processes you wish to learn.

1 Hour Virtual Training


Contact PTS for personalized mobile app training .

Our on-site training is designed to cover both a broader and more in depth level of instruction as our PTS specialist visits you. As a result, the pricing for on-site training is determined on a case-by case basis.

Call PTS at 1-877-640-4152, or email
for more information.


Mobile Application Development Services - Session Setup

Even though PTS software is simple to use and does not require programming,sometimes our customers don't have the time or resources to set up their own applications. In these situations we make available a team of mobile developers who will set up your application per your specifications. The cost is low and the lead time is quick, some customers even use this service as a training supplement to see what is possilbe with TracerPlus.

Common Session Setups Include:

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Route Accounting
  • Field Inspections
  • Field Service
  • Equipment Tracking

Note: Session Setup Service includes one session with a customized skin design. PTS will include a 2nd item list session at no extra charge if skin design is not required.

Call PTS at 1-877-640-4152 for more information. Outside of the U.S. Call 631-727-8084, or e-mail us at

Software Customization Options

TracerPlus Mobile Software is a powerful workforce solution that allows organizations to quickly develop and deploy customized mobile applications. PTS is aware that customers sometimes have very unique needs that off the shelf versions of TracerPlus mobile software do not handle. With this in mind PTS offers affordable customization options with the goal of supplying extremely flexible solutions, customized for very specific needs at a cost far below that of custom developed applications.

Common customizations include:

  • Custom Mobile Software Installers
  • Custom Mobile Data Synchronization Utilities
  • Custom Mobile Security Settings
  • Custom Data Entry Verification Processes
  • Custom Calculations / Formulas
  • Custom Error Messages and Pop Up Screens
  • Custom Lock Downs

Call PTS at 1-877-640-4152 for more information.

Branding / OEM Services

Often organizations wish to put their own personal mark or brand on the mobile solutions they release to the field or resell to their customer base. PTS understands this and offers an affordable branding adn OEM services, enabling organizations to deploy pre-configured versions of PTS Software to their mobile workforces. Customers that choose this option can add a company logo, custom messages, and phone numbers to the applications splash screen.

Call PTS at 1-877-640-4152 for more information. Outside of the U.S. Call 631-727-8084 or e-mail us at


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