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Get TracerPlus barcode software for your Android smart phones, devices and tablets.

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Mobile Barcode and RFID devices for Data Collection

TracerPlus Mobile Bar Code Scanner Kits - Motorola RFID Kits Now Available

Mobile Barcode and RFID Data Collection software

We understand different mobile workforces have different data collection needs. PTS has created a menu of bar code and RFID scanning kits featuring Manufacturers including Motorola, Honeywell, Janam and Datalogic. All Kits include TracerPlus Software enabling the creation of mobile applications for Inventory Tracking, Asset Control, Mobile Inspections and many more mobile applications .

Depending on wether you are in an office and need a slightly rugged device with Wifi or you are on the road in the roughest enviroments we have the kit that matches your software, hardware, data collection and communication needs. Call PTS Today and Learn More - 1-877-640-4152

Mobile Data Collection Software bundled with Mobile Devices

Bar code enabled mobile kits

RFID enabled mobile kits

Rugged mobile kits

  • Complete Kits with TracerPlus Software
  • Free App Development Tool Included
  • No Programming
  • Expert Support and Development Services
  • Leading Bar Code and RFID Technology

Barcode and RFID enabled mobile kits

Create apps in minutes with solution center starter apps and TracerPlus Desktop.

Custom Mobile Apps in Minutes with TracerPlus Desktop


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Entry level Batch Kits

Low Cost Kits

Wireless Enabled kits

WAN Enabled Kits

Industrial Strength Kits


View Kits Featuring:

Motorola TC55

Motorola MC40

Motorola ET1 Tablet

Motorola MC67

Unitech MS910

Motorola MC2100

Honeywell Dolphin 6000

Motorola MC55A

Motorola MC65

Motorola MC9190-G

Honeywell Dolphin 9700

Motorola MC75A

Motorola MC3100

Honeywell Dolphin 6100

Motorola MC9500-K

Janam XM60+ / XM66

Honeywell Dolphin 9900

Janam XG100

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Featured Kits

Kits with Mobile Apps

Mobile Barcode Software

Mobile Applications


Featured Data Collection Kits


Motorola MC3190Z RFID Starter Kit
   Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5

Business-class handheld RFID solution extending the benefits of RFID beyond the industrial space.

Motorola TC55 Mobile Barcode Kit
   Android OS 4.1.2

The TC55 Mobile Barcode Kit brings a new level of efficiency to your mobile workforce.

Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Starter Kit
   Windows Mobile 6.5

Everything you need to get started in mobile data collection, all at a low cost.

Motorola MC3190Z RFID starter kit featuring RFID tags
Click to learn more about the Motorola MC3190Z RFID Starter Kit
view all RFID data collection kits
Motorola TC55 Mobile Barcode kit featuring TracerPlus
Learn more about the motorola TC55 mobile barcode kit
view all Motorola TC55 mobile barcode kits
Honeywell Dolphin 6000 barcode starter kit
Learn more about the Honeywell Dolphin 6000 barcode starter kit
view all dolphin 6000 barcode kits


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